Jason Lewis: 2014 may see new generation of Independents winning state-wide elections

(The Subsidiarity Times) In the wake of the defeat of Republican Mitt Romney in November 2012 with the power of the federal and certain state governments continuing to grow, there have been many whispers from true limited-government intellectual circles speculating that the time is now coming for true independent voices to inject themselves into the debate with either independent candidacies, breaking up the two major parties into three, four or more, or through the establishment of a united alternative true-limited-government party in order to force the two current major parties to join together and so drop their pretense of divided government. Count radio talk show host Jason Lewis as one of those believing that the time has come to shake up the American political system with one of these options after his opening remarks on his October 11, 2013 show.

“People are fed up, more then they have ever been fed up and this is really the last straw” said Lewis referring to the continuing stalemate over the federal government shutdown and the fast-sinking poll numbers for Republicans, Democrats and President Obama. Lewis went on to explain how both major parties were so intertwined with the welfare state and the lobbyists that they could not refrain from pushing to attain more power and wealth for themselves at the expense of the everyday American while paying mere lipservice to some of the main issues they claimed to stand for, such as opposing subsidies and bailouts on the Republican side and standing up for civil liberties on the Democratic side.

“People are fed up with these folks! This is the real undercurrent in American politics today” Lewis continued “In 2014 you may see a new generation of independents winning state-wide elections.” He then stated his belief that his own home state of Minnesota was ripe to be won by a true genuine independent who stood for things like term limits and across-the-board spending cuts and was not just some Democrat who lost a primary and started his own so-called “independent” campaign.

“If you had a genuine independent, the time might be ripe, might be ripe for indeed a political revolution in this country, the likes of which the political parties are not prepared (for) and have never seen” Lewis added.

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One thought on “Jason Lewis: 2014 may see new generation of Independents winning state-wide elections

  1. “or through the establishment of a united alternative true-limited-government party”
    We’ve been here and waiting since ’72. Sincerely, the Libertarian Party.

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