2013: The Year of the Freedom Candidates?

Mark Sanford

Former Gov. Mark Sanford

(The Subsidiarity Times) No one expects to make a big deal about elections which take place in an off-year between the major election cycle which takes place once every two years, but 2013 is beginning to look very different and this is based on two elections which will take place this year which feature two candidates who stand for the cause of Freedom and the United States Constitution. One election is a special one will take place on May 7th for the 1st Congressional seat of South Carolina and the other will take place on November 5th for the Governorship of Virginia. Normally this would not attract very much attention other then in their respective areas of the country, except for the fact that candidates being put forward for both positions have great backgrounds in backing the cause of freedom and if they emerge victorious in their respective elections, this could signal the beginning of a trend towards freedom in the American electorate which could potentially unleash a title wave in favor of freedom in the upcoming elections of 2014 and 2016.

Mark Sanford: South Carolina 1st Congressional District

Mark Sanford has had a colorful career serving South Carolina as a U.S. Representative and as Governor and has remained principled in the field of politics by continuing to vote and fight for limited constitutional government. The story of his personal problems have been made all too well-known by a very anti-freedom news media in an attempt to dissuade voters and Sanford’s own Republican Party from backing him because the Establishment and the news media know that he is principled politically and stands by his convictions in the government realm. The Republican Party Establishment has fallen in line and abandoned Sanford to his own devices as they did with certain other principled candidates in 2012 like Kurt Bills in Minnesota, but major American pro-freedom figures and organizations have come to the rescue by stepping up to the plate to back Sanford and according to the most recent polls, the support Sanford has received from these national figures and organizations has swung the momentum of the race back in his favor.

If Sanford wins on May 7th, then America will return yet another principled constitutionalist to the U.S. House of Representatives. He has always stood on principle both in Congress and as Governor of South Carolina, no matter who has stood up against him and no matter how longs the odds are. With America’s future being mortgaged away by many currently serving in Congress, the American people need men like Mark Sanford to stand up in the halls of that body and fight to save America.

Ken Cuccinelli: Governor of Virginia

If one were to speak to politically aware Virginians, a vast majority of them would tell you that Ken Cuccinelli personifies the term “constitutionalist” as much as those who first popularized the term, namely former Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul. Cuccinelli is one of the best constitutional scholars in the nation and knows where the limits of the national and state governments currently are and where they should be. This, in addition to the fact that he is able to effectively connect his constitutionalism to his concern and care for the middle class and small business makes him a very formidable candidate and, as of this writing, the clear favorite to win the governor’s race. He has won statewide election before as Attorney General which helps him with name recognition and his popularity has now risen to the point where the Establishment had to abandon a prospective independent campaign for governor where they could have hoped to lengthen the odds of him reaching national prominence.

If Cuccinelli wins in November, America will boast yet another prominent national figure who is not afraid to stand on the principles of constitutional limited government no matter who has stood against him and how long the odds. Another powerful advocate of pro-freedom policies will gain the national spotlight and bring more attention to the fact that freedom policies work better then big government policies when he begins to push for and implement freedom policies. This in turn will prove to be a powerful weapon for true limited government constitutional candidates who will be able to point at Cuccinelli’s rule and use it as an example of what they look to accomplish if elected, which in turn will give the pro-freedom message more appeal in the 2014 mid-term elections.

In Closing: Sanford and Cuccinelli deserve to be supported by any advocate of limited government. For if they win, then momentum will clearly be on the side of true constitutionalists going into 2014. It will be a resounding success that the Constitution-oriented anti-Establishment coalitions can then build on as they continue their drive to save America. The author, for one, is proud to stand by these advocates of limited government and to support them in their fight because they are the kind of people America should have representing her in the halls of government.

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4 thoughts on “2013: The Year of the Freedom Candidates?

  1. This country came to be by people who escaped & were willing to confront tyranny. It’s refreshing to view a site that supports leaders willing to do the same!

  2. I like what you are doing with this blog and I am a big proponent of subsidiarity. However, there is no way I would support Mark Sanford. He is a public adulterer and he has no honor or respect for marriage of the integrity of family life. Nobody will take the limited government seriously with people like Sanford leading the way.

    • I understand where you are coming from and I am no fan of what Mr. Sanford has done in the past in his personal life either. However, where his voting record is concerned, he is staunchly limited government while there is no way he will move into a leadership position because of his past personal problems. As long as he restricts himself to the place he is now, he is deserving of forgiveness and being given a chance to redeem himself as a small part of the larger movement to restore and save America.

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