Republican Civil War: Establishment turning to Threats, Name-Calling and Dirty Tricks as Grassroots Momentum Builds

Advances and Battles of the GOP Civil War - February 2013 to April 2013

Advances and Battles of the GOP Civil War – February 2013 to April 2013

(The Subsidiarity Times) As the GOP Civil War intensifies, the Establishment is growing more desperate as the Grassroots groups (Liberty Movement; Tea Party; Social Conservatives) continue to advance and take over the Republican Party. In mid-February 2013, Professor Angelo Codevilla diagnosed the extraordinary transformation of the attitude of the people at the local levels as being due to a growing realization by voters that they are not being represented by the new “ruling class” in the higher levels of the political parties. With this realization, as unveiled by Professor Codevilla, sinking in on more and more Americans, the momentum of the Grassroots attempted takeover of the Republican Party continues to grow which is leading to desperate tactics on the part of the Establishment to try and stop the momentum. This is leading to the war becoming even more nasty, and makes the likelihood of a division in the Republican Party even more probable. The only question which remains is whether the split will lead to an existence of two major parties on the right, like which happened in Canada in the late 20th Century, or to the complete death of one major party and its replacement by a new rising party, like what happened in the mid-19th Century in America with the Whig Party’s replacement by the Republican Party. What follows here are updates on battles in the GOP Civil War as it continues into its fourth and fifth months.

Florida: The Liberty Movement in Florida did not rest on its laurels after executing a substantial takeover of the Republican Party of Miami-Dade County. Rather they kept up the pressure and won positions on the Executive Committee for dozens of their members, further establishing their power in the state which boasts itself as the home of Senator Marco Rubio.
Battle ResultGrassroots Victory

Michigan: The Michigan Liberty Movement has momentum on their side here and could be looking to capitalize on it. They have been steadily winning congressional seats, beginning with Justin Amash in 2010 and continuing with Kerry Bentivolio in 2012 and now have moved up to executing takeovers of the local chapters of the Michigan Republican Party. Looking to expand their offensive in the Wolverine State, the Liberty Movement is now debating making a pitch for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Democratic Senator Carl Levin. They are supported in this endeavor by a Ron Paul Super PAC named Liberty For All, which has approached Congressman Amash and pledged to financially back him in a U.S. Senate run. Amash is still considering the possibility, but indicators are pointing towards a run, and if he runs, then Michigan could erupt into a very intense battleground as the Establishment suddenly stares at the very real possibility of losing total control of yet another state.
Battle ResultOngoing

Virginia: The Grassroots in Virginia have every reason for great joy and celebration, for they have won an important victory in the 2013 Virginia Gubernatorial Campaign. Their continued support for Ken Cuccinelli and Cuccinelli’s growing popularity and support network finally convinced Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling to drop his idea of an independent run for Governor of Virginia, which now clears the way for Cuccinelli to focus his campaign efforts solely against Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe for the 2013 general election. The campaign is far from over, but Bolling’s withdrawal from the race removes an imposing obstacle to Cuccinelli’s quest for the Governor’s seat.
Battle ResultGrassroots Victory

Alaska: The major and local media has tried to ignore the fight in Alaska and portray it as a done deal with the Establishment easily ousting Liberty Movement member Russ Millette from his position as Chairman of the Alaska Republican Party. The fight is not yet over however. Millette successfully filed an appeal against his removal citing it was improperly done and the evidence seems to back up his claim. His successor, fellow Liberty Movement member Debra Brown, has been backing his appeal and the Establishment has responded by unseating her as State Party chair. This action, as revealed by the Alaska Republican Party Secretary, is also illegal under party rules and has only served to make more Alaska Republicans very angry. The Establishment may have temporarily regained control of the party leadership positions, but their illegal and unethical actions in achieving this end may be the opening the Grassroots have been looking for to end the Establishment’s offensive to re-take control of the state party. The Alaska Republican state party’s central committee is scheduled to hear Millette’s appeal on May 25 and they could also decide Brown’s fate as the battle in the Last Frontier takes yet more turns and the 2014 U.S. Senate Election nears.
Battle ResultOngoing

Tennessee: The Anti-Establishment coalitions in Tennessee have been in need of a morale boost after the landslide defeat of U.S. Senate candidate Mark Clayton last November and they got one in early April when former Congressman and grassroots hero Ron Paul made an appearance at the Knox County Republican Party’s Lincoln Dinner. Though the event went largely unreported, Paul’s visit was a smashing success. His appearance re-energized the grassroots and helped them to find the strength and courage to re-double their efforts in favor of constitutional grassroots-oriented candidates in the state which borders the home of Ron Paul’s fast-rising U.S. Senate-based son Rand.
Battle Result: Grassroots Victory/Ongoing

North Carolina: Coming on the heels of the RNC Chairman Election, the Liberty Movement in North Carolina has put forward one of their own for the North Carolina GOP Vice-Chairmanship in Glen Bradley and he appears to be on his way to winning the position. With the current vice-chairman stepping down and no one apparently rising to oppose Bradley, this could be a big step for the North Carolina Liberty Movement, but nothing will be settled until the election for the position takes place.
Battle ResultOngoing

Arkansas: An offensive in the civil war which no one expected showed up when Ron Paul suddenly announced an endorsement for Curtis Coleman in his campaign for the Republican Party nomination for Governor of Arkansas. By doing so, Paul has thrown the weight of the Liberty Movement behind Coleman in a state which has a small but powerful and superbly organized Liberty Movement group. The gubernatorial election is still some time away, but if Coleman emerges, then the Liberty Movement could make great headway and secure for themselves yet another state to join their column.
Battle ResultOngoing

Iowa: Karl Rove’s new PAC seems to have designated Iowa as the first battleground where they will throw their weight. In the Hawkeye State, Democratic Senator Tom Harkin is retiring and the Iowa Republican Party sees an opportunity to pick up the seat. The leading candidate appears to be Social Conservative icon and United States Representative Steve King and that seriously bothers Rove, who seems to view the Social Conservative faction of the Grassroots as his first target in his campaign to keep the Establishment on top. Rove has made it clear he does not believe King will be a good Senate candidate and that appears to hint that Rove will be throwing the weight of his PAC behind whoever the Establishment decides to back in the primary for the Senate race. The eyes of national Establishment and Grassroots figures may turn to this race once official announcements start coming down.
Battle ResultOngoing

Kentucky: The Democratic Party Establishment is throwing their weight into Rand Paul’s home state in a bid to try to corrupt the Tea Party in one of the strongest Tea Party states in the nation. Paul’s companion in the U.S. Senate from Kentucky, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, is up for re-election in 2014, and the Democrats would like nothing better then to replace him with one of their own. With the Democratic Party in dire straits in Kentucky, certain strategists who appear to be allied with or tied to the Democratic Party, are seeking to use the tactic of infiltrating and corrupting the Tea Party groups in order to ensure McConnell’s defeat and a Democratic Senate seat pickup. Democratic Party strategists used a similar tactic to hang on to a vulnerable Senate seat in Missouri in 2012 by broadcasting their supposed “fear” of the weakest Republican candidate, Todd Akin, in order to ensure the primary election defeat of Liberty Movement Republican John Brunner, who was clearly the strongest candidate in that race. Now Democratic Party-allied strategists are following a similar strategy, seeking to find a weak candidate who they can anoint with the Tea Party mantle and then run against McConnell so as to defeat him in the primary and so open the door for a Democratic candidate to win election from Kentucky. Grassroots activists, especially the Tea Party, are on the alert and for the most part resisting this infiltration/corruption campaign. McConnell is not necessarily a friend of the Tea Party, but he is clearly willing to listen to Tea Party and Liberty Movement ideas being introduced (as evidenced by his continued support for Rand Paul’s stands), and the infiltration campaign has made any true Liberty Movement or Tea Party primary challenge to McConnell really a wasted effort as it can only serve to possibly win election for the Establishment infiltrator. The best strategy for the Grassroots in Kentucky will likely be resisting the infiltration by reluctantly backing McConnell but with reservations and promises that they will hold him accountable for his conduct and that he will receive a true primary challenge in his next election if he fails to continue backing Senators like Rand Paul and Mike Lee.
Battle ResultOngoing

New Hampshire: A new kind of quest to over turn Establishment control is taking place in a state in what has been referred to as the liberal Northeast. The Free State Project is seeking to encourage Liberty-oriented Americans to move to the “Live Free or Die” State of New Hampshire and they now reached over 14,000 members. The Project’s ultimate goal is to show that Liberty Movement ideals can flourish in this northeastern state and then use the state as the model that the local Liberty Movements and Tea Parties can point to in other states as an example of what they want to accomplish.
Battle ResultOngoing

Indiana: In the Hoosier State’s lawmaking realm, a massive unreported battle of the ongoing GOP Civil War is now being waged. The Grassroots have thrown their weight behind the efforts to nullify unconstitutional federal legislation such as NDAA, Obamacare and Gun Control. The Establishment, fearing the  nullification movement as a state check on their power, has taken steps to stop the nullification movement and the battle they have initiated is effectively splitting the Republican Party of Indiana in two. The Establishment has tried to put forward the facade of a Constitutional Convention to replace the nullification cause, but the advocates of nullification have continued to push their case, which has led to the Establishment members of the Indiana Legislature issuing threats against the Grassroots members of that same body to get them to back down from supporting the nullification cause. Helping lead the fight for the Grassroots activists in Indiana is the FreedomMaker Coalition of Indiana while the Establishment seeks to blackout the fight in order to prevent national blowback against their actions. With the Establishment backing down somewhat in Virginia, the attention of where any national division of the Republican Party will start now turns to Indiana. If threats and unethical actions from the Establishment continue in Indiana, then this state-based fight could lead the way if any nationwide split of the Republican Party begins to take place.
Battle ResultOngoing

Montana: The new grassroots-killing tactic of the “Top-2 Primary System” whereby a primary election (where which candidate has the most money is most often the determining factor in who wins) narrows the general election candidacies to only two individuals for voters to choose from, is currently being debated in the Treasure State as Establishment Republicans, unhappy with the inability of their candidates to win general elections, now look to narrow the choices thus preventing Grassroots candidates from advancing out of the primary, severely limiting the ability to topple incumbent elected leaders who no longer represent their constituents, and restricting the ability of voters to remain principled by voting for the candidates who best represent their values. The Free and Equal Foundation has thrown its weight into the battle to defeat this effort to convert the elections to a Top 2 format and the Grassroots in Montana also appear to be joining in this battle as well, for if the Top 2 system is adopted in Montana, it could be the end of the Grassroots coalition’s efforts there.
Battle ResultOngoing

Talk Radio: The talk radio world was shaken to the core when rising talk radio star Glenn Beck went on national TV and announced his official abandonment of the Establishment and that he was going to join and support people such as Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee. Later, on his talk radio show, Beck issued an official apology to the Liberty Movement and graciously asked to be received into their ranks as a new convert to their ideas. The large majority of the Liberty Movement has welcomed Beck with the condition that he prove his allegiance in the upcoming battles (as should be expected with any convert) and he now joins a growing group of Liberty Movement and Tea Party talk radio personalities such as Mike Church, Brian Wilson, Jason Lewis, Jerry Doyle and Josh Tolley. The Liberty Movement has received yet another mouthpiece from which to broadcast their ideas to America and a powerful one at that, as Beck is one of the most learned, well-known and powerful speakers in the talk radio world.
Battle ResultGrassroots Victory

National Spotlight: Liberty Movement/Tea Party Senator Rand Paul has stolen the spotlight and put himself at the front of the news headlines over the past several months with his actions in severely criticizing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the Benghazigate scandal, his masterful political maneuvering in the Chuck Hagel Confirmation process, and finally his historic filibuster of President Obama’s appointee for CIA director, John Brennan, in order to receive an answer from the White House on the question of whether drones could be used to kill American citizens in America. He has thrust Liberty Movement and Tea Party issues into mainstream discussion and has pressured the Obama White House to put themselves on the record on certain issues such as the drone war. He has captured the imagination of everyday Americans everywhere and has caused a massive swing of public opinion where many Americans now agree with the Liberty Movement’s stances on issues such as drone strikes against American citizens on American soil. These actions have thrust Rand Paul into the coveted front runner position for the Republican Party presidential nomination for 2016, and has garnered publicity-gaining invites from Iowa (where the 2016 primaries will begin), as well as numerous interview invites from talk radio and the news media. The Twitter phrase #StandwithRand has become a rallying cry for millions of Americans and has given the Grassroots new hope for the first time since the 2012 primaries began. The Establishment, shocked at the massive success of Senator Paul’s moves and alarmed at his rapid rise, have now resorted to desperate tactics such as name-calling and intimidation in order to try and discredit the rise of the Grassroots factions, especially the Liberty Movement. Neo-conservative leader Bill Kristol called Rand Paul the spokesperson for “the code pink (female anti-war) faction of the Republican Party” and accused him of running to the left of President Obama, while war-hungry Senator John McCain, backed up by fellow war-hungry Senator Lindsey Graham, referred to Paul, Justin Amash, Ted Cruz and the others as “wacko birds” trying to “fire-up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms”. These signs of desperation from the Establishment were intensified and some of their worst fears were realized just a few weeks later when the Liberty Movement seemed to steal the show at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference and Rand Paul swept to victory in the CPAC straw poll for favorite for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. Faced with now emboldened Grassroots Republican members of the House and Senate, the Establishment has taken their offensives a step further by engaging in intimidation tactics like House Majority Leader Eric Cantor threatening several Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives to get them to vote for the very controversial Violence Against Women Act in late February 2013. However, though they have grabbed some headlines with the name-calling and intimidation, the Establishment has lost the upper-hand in the National Spotlight with Rand Paul having made the first moves and seized the momentum. Paul has now effectively made himself a favorite to win the Presidency should he be a presidential candidate in the 2016 general election.
Battle ResultGrassroots Victory

Republican National Committee: The Moderates (Members trying to either bridge the gap between the Establishment and the Grassroots or play neutral in the ongoing civil war), led by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, have been playing a double game in the Republican Party hierarchy. Priebus has attempted to extend olive branches to the Liberty Movement while other members of the Republican National Committee continue to try to solidify the Establishment’s power grab achieved at the August 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa. At the RNC’s Spring Meeting in Los Angeles, Establishment members of the Republican National Committee voted to retain the rule changes disenfranchising the Grassroots thus continuing their long-term strategy of seeking to deny  Rand Paul any chance at a victory in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primaries. There is still a substantial amount of time left before the 2016 primaries, so the Establishment’s control is anything but solidified, but the fight to overturn the Establishment’s tyrannical rule changes has been dealt a significant setback.
Battle ResultEstablishment Victory

South Carolina: Things are beginning to heat up in the Palmetto State as Senator Lindsey Graham continues to anger more and more Grassroots Republicans. His neoconservative stances had already made him a prospective target for the 2014 elections and his vocal vehement opposition to Senator Rand Paul and his stands have only raised his profile as a Grassroots primary target for the 2014 elections. Currently the man who appears to be setting things up to run against Graham in the primary is State Senator Lee Bright, a member of the Liberty Movement and an ally of former South Carolina U.S. Senator Jim DeMint. Bright has begun to receive attention as he prepares for a potential bid, especially from Glenn Beck as Beck has now thrown his weight into the battle to defeat Graham.
Battle ResultOngoing

Minnesota: The nasty drawn out fight between the Establishment and the Grassroots in Minnesota seems to have had its first battle end in a draw. The leadership of the Minnesota Republican Party seems to have had a “moderate” win election as Chairman, an Establishment incumbent win re-election as deputy chair and a Grassroots member win election as Secretary. This means the battle for the direction of the party continues into 2014 as candidates from the Establishment and the Grassroots now put their names forward for the Governor, House, Senate and Legislative races.
Battle Result: Draw/Ongoing

Notes: There is unconfirmed word out of Colorado that the fight between the Establishment and the Grassroots is intensifying in that state. Considering the intensity of the battle over gun control which is also taking place there, the fight could turn out to be an ugly one. There is also an unconfirmed report out of Nevada that the Establishment is pushing to remove a Liberty Movement member from a leadership position in the Nevada Republican Party.
Battle ResultUndetermined

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9 thoughts on “Republican Civil War: Establishment turning to Threats, Name-Calling and Dirty Tricks as Grassroots Momentum Builds

  1. Very nice summation, thank you. The party leadership is corrupt and stupid. The cheat and lie and break party rules, lose national elections, and betray principles. Nice quote from Ron Paul below..

  2. I am very glad to see that liberty is being resuscitated. I voted democrat every time until I saw “Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo. Changed my paradigm. God bless Ron Paul.

  3. This is a wonderful article! I would add Maryland to this list. While most people think Maryland is a lost cause there is an active Liberty Republican contingent here and we are very important on the National Playing field. Diana Waterman, MDGOP Chair “fired” Nicolee Ambrose who was appointed to the RNC Rules Committee. Nicolee supports the grassroots movement. Diana Waterm and (MDGOP Chair) appointed Establishment Louis Pope in Nicolee’s place. This was a loss nationally to the grassroots movement in last weeks RNC Rules Committee vote which was 25-28 for repealing the power grab rules established in the 2012 RNC Convention. I advocate that even in typically very BLUE States there is room for improvement but we need resources. If you support establishing a more advanced grassroots movement and more participation by the voters in decisions please consider supporting some of these grassroots pioneers in Maryland. Maryland, typically considered a very left leaning state is very important in the National arena because of our nearness to DC. Don’t forget it was Steny Hoyer (D) who was the first to get to the floor to pass the procedural vote out of the House. His advantage in pushing that through.. logistics!

  4. Love your site, and love NH (used to live in N. Conway). But please try to get past dissing the GOP. It is no more corrupt than the Dem. party. It’s TRUE principles are those we believe in – personal choice, personal responsibility. It is an unfortunate reality that the heavies in BOTH parties tend to be political whores. The Democrat party has long been a Trojan horse used by international socialism and is equally responsible for allowing itself to be manipulated by warmongers (case in point: Vietnam). Please refrain from alienating the political “right”. We need to put the past behind us and unite.

  5. We are having great successes in Arizona, too. Two web sites you may want to go to for info are SonoranAlliance and SeeingRedAZ. I’m a precinct committeeman and I use a little blog to try to recruit conservatives into the real ball game of politics: party politics “inside” the Republican Party on their respective local committees. About half of our PC slots here in AZ are still unfilled. The Party is there for the taking by conservatives if they’d just figure out how to UNITE and ORGANIZE for REAL POLITICAL ACTION inside a political party. Wish I had a dollar for every “tea partier” and “patriot” who asked me, after I asked them if they’d ever considered becoming a precinct committeeman, “What’s a precinct committeeman?” ;-)
    Thank you.
    Cold Warrior
    P.S. You can find my blog by searching on cold warrior precinct committeeman

  6. You have got to be kidding me on Ohio. We have declared all out WAR against Kasich and ORP mainly for betrayal on Medicaid expansion. We passed that HC Freedom amendment which is now part of Ohio institution and Rs and Kasich have rejected. Below is a “no confidence” letter signed by 83 Ohio Liberty leaders including me. Third from bottom. Not only this but ORP is running a crook for chair. We had enough. Their excuse on WHY they are running a crook is no one else wanted to run. Someone is now. Tom Zawistowski, former prez of Ohio Liberty Coalition.

    Vid of Tom Z on Ohio news, interview. He starts at about 14 minute mark. It’s getting really nasty here. Barbara Sears an R senator from Toledo wants the Medicaid expansion because she is in bed with many of the HC companies.

    I also signed letter in support of Tom. He helped lead the charge against IRS going after Tea Parties.

    Pass the popcorn. Vote is Apr 26 on ORP chair.

    March 21, 2013
    For Immediate Release

    Conservative Leaders Reject Current
    Direction of State Republican Party
    Columbus, Ohio – A statewide coalition of social and fiscal conservative leaders in Ohio today announced a rejection of the current direction of the state Republican leadership.

    While signers of this statement put emphases on different policies, all the signers believe that Ohio is best served with limited government and low taxation, affirm the definition of marriage as one man and one woman as specified in Ohio’s Constitution, stand for the right to life for unborn children, and believe that the State Republican Party Chairman should reflect and fight for these values.

    In recent months, Ohio has seen Governor John Kasich propose a “tax shift” unfairly targeting certain landowners and creating a drag on energy exploration, recommend the expansion of a failing Medicaid program, and propose an increasing budget.

    Senator Rob Portman has reversed course, defying one of the key planks of the Republican Party Platform to take a position in support of same-sex marriage. This dismisses the views of roughly 3.3 million Ohioans who in 2004 voted for a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman.

    Finally, this week, the elected statewide Republican officials declared their support for Matt Borges to replace Bob Bennett as Ohio Republican Party Chairman. Dismissing other potential candidates for the chairman’s position, these statewide Republican officials endorsed Borges, a man who plead guilty to a misdemeanor for improper use of public office in a bribery investigation and served as a lobbyist for the liberal homosexual activist group, Equality Ohio.

    This statement of rejection is not personal – the individuals above have reasons and explanations for their actions. Nor is this statement designed to elicit a specific response. This statement is merely to inform the public that we have not moved on these issues important to our fellow Buckeyes and we will not accept this leadership which is inconsistent with the principles of the Republican Party.

    Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, said, “The leaders of the Republican Party in Ohio have chosen to separate themselves and the party from the wishes and values of their support base. Not just liberty group members and social conservative voters, but rank and file registered Republican voters who overwhelmingly voted for the Ohio Healthcare Amendment. With this letter we put the party bosses on notice that we reject their betrayal of the party platform and our conservative values. We will not support them going forward but will instead support those who are true to our cause.”

    “With sadness I put my name on this statement,” said Seth Morgan, former State Representative and Conservative Coalition Leader. “Never have I been more concerned for the direction of our state and country – largely due to a failure in leadership. Why would the Republican leaders put themselves at odds with sound public policy and the platform of their own party?”

    “Some of our Republican officials seem hell-bent on alienating conservative voters and volunteers, which reduces voter turnout. They ignore the GOP platform, choosing to put themselves outside the mainstream of our party base,” said Lori Viars, Vice President of Warren County Right To Life,who also serves as Vice Chair of the Warren County Republican Party.

    The signers below call on like-minded conservative Ohioans to organize and prepare for the challenges we and our neighbors are facing.

    The initial signers below are represented in their personal / individual capacities. Titles and organization are listed for identification purposes only.

    Seth Morgan,Former State Representative and Conservative Coalition Leader
    Tom Zawistowski, President, We the People Convention; Executive Director, Portage County TEA Party
    Lori Viars, Vice President, Warren County Right To Life
    Bobbi Radeck, State Director, Concerned Women for America
    Linda Harvey, Radio Host andPresident, Mission America
    Don Birdsall, President, Dayton TEA Party
    Joseph Platt, Esq., Board Member, Family First
    Andrew Pappas, Leader, Anderson Tea Party
    Pastor Andy Douglas, Director, Christians for Constitutional Awareness
    Linda Reidelbach, Former State Representative; Delaware County Republican Central Committee member
    Tom Brinkman, Jr., Former State Representative; Chairman of C.O.A.S.T. (Coalition Opposed To Additional Spending & Taxes)
    Mark Stevenson, Founder,Ohioans For Educational Freedom
    Sue Hardenbergh, Hamilton Co. Republican Central Committee Member
    John McAvoy, Board of Directors, NW Ohio Conservative Coalition
    Janet (Folger) Porter, President, Faith2Action; Former Republican State Central Committee Member
    Ryan Bolyard, Wayne County, Ohio; President, Hillsdale College Republicans
    Paula Bolyard, Doylestown, Ohio; Conservative Blogger
    Roseann Siderits, Board Member, Family First
    Pastor J.C. Church, President of 3 Cord Alliance, Crawford County, Ohio
    Marianne Gasiecki, State Co-Coordinator (OH), Tea Party Patriots
    Wendy Sizemore, Leader, Pickaway County 9-12 Project Liberty Group
    Glenn Newman, Founder, Marietta 9-12 Project
    Randy Wilson, National Director, Watchmen on the Wall
    Thea Shoemake, Homeschool Leader; Former Vice Chair of Clermont Co. Republican Central Committee
    Ralph Spampanato, Director, Stark – Tusc 9-12
    Pastor Norman R. Perkins, Reaching for Success, Dayton, Ohio
    Dana R. Adams, President, Akron Tea Party
    Jim Green, President, North Central Ohio Conservatives, Inc.
    Amy Brighton, Co-Founder & Co-Coordinator, Medina Tea Party Patriots
    George & Darla Lee, Steering Committee Member, Auglaize County Patriots
    Linda S. Barry, Steering Committee Member, Auglaize County Patriots
    William E. Barry, Steering Committee Member, Auglaize County Patriots
    Nelson Hack, Founder & Coordinator, Morrow County Tea Party
    John Rhoad, Fayette County Coordinator, Ohioans for Healthcare Freedom
    Connie Thompson, Athens, Ohio 9-12 Project
    Margaret W. Hunt, Secretary, Geauga County Tea Party
    Duane A. Plessinger, Director, Wayne County TEA Party; Member, Wayne Co. Republican Executive Committee
    Anna Rehl, Founder, Licking County Organizing for Freedom
    Patricia Eshleman, Leadership Team, Preble County Liberty Group
    James W. Hellyer, Chairman, Licking County Tea Party
    Judith L. Guju, Hamilton County Republican Central Committee
    Mike Snead, President, Beavercreek Liberty Group
    Andrew E. Russ, Esq., Counsel for Ohio TEA Party & Patriot Groups
    Sharon Blocher, Stark – Tusc 9-12 Patriots
    Van Pratt, President, Clinton County Tea Party
    Mark Haverkos, Butler County Republican Central Committee
    Beth Cox, Preble County Liberty Group
    Richard Geyer, President, Society of Conservatives, United for Independence, Representative Republic, Equality & Liberty (SCUIRREL)
    George Momirov, Director, Upper Arlington 9-12 Group
    Ethlyn Kennedy, Treasurer, Lorain County 9-12 Tea Party
    Jeff Malek, Founder, Wadsworth 9-12 Group
    Bonnie Arnold, Marietta 9-12 Project
    Linda Studer, Director, Wayne County Tea Party
    Jon Eells, Marietta, Ohio 9-12 Project
    Bob Longshore, Committee Chairman, Portage County TEA Party
    Amanda Suffecool, President, Portage County TEA Party; Director, REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition
    Mary Lou Cook, Co-Organizer, Voices of Liberty, Marion, Ohio Tea Party
    Pastor Bob Tarasiak, Family Fellowship Church, Conneaut, Ohio
    Linda Bishop, Committee Member, Findlay 9-12 Group
    Carol Bicking, Gahanna Freedom Alliance
    Larry Heller, Leader, Miami Township Tea Party; Steering Committee, Clermont Co. Tea Party; Clermont Co. Republican Central Committee
    Jim Horton, Committee Member, Northwest Ohio Freedom Alliance
    Karl W. Vonvaltier, Leader, Delaware County 9-12
    Ken Kay, Executive Director, The Coalition of Freedom
    Kirsten Hill, Chairman, Lorain County TEA Party
    Mark Lucas, Director, Hilliard-Galloway Tea Party; Leader, Northwest Columbus 9-12
    Emily Harris, Warren County Republican Executive Committee
    Robert Lloyd, Director, Knox County 9-12 Project
    Mary Gam, Director, Knox County 9-12 Project
    Dan W. Offineer, Representative, Knox County 9-12 Patriots
    Roger Baxter, Vice Chair, Clermont County Tea Party
    Kirk “Shovel” Goings, National Road Captain, Sons of Liberty Riders
    Joe Daly, Hamilton County Republican Central Committee
    Sharon Poe, Secretary, Warren County Tea Party
    Thomas Reynolds, Founder & Past President, Top of Ohio Patriots
    James E. Burkholder, Vice Chairman, Top of Ohio Patriots 9-12
    Kay Clymer, President, Zanesville Patriots
    Kathy Freudenberger, Leader, Bethel Tea Party; Secretary, Clermont Co. Republican Party
    Rev. Katherine Marple, Founder, Keep Life Legal Ministries
    Ralph King, State Co-Coordinator (OH), Tea Party Patriots; Co-Founder Cleveland TEA Party Patriots
    Carol Greenberg, Conservative Blogger; NW Ohio Conservative Coalition
    Virginia Mack, Chairman, Putnam County Ohio Patriots
    Jane Deeter, Leader, Huber Heights Liberty Group

    # # #


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, April 18, 2013
    Contact: Tom Zawistowski, 330-592-1848,

    Over 150 Conservative Leaders from over 100 Groups back Zawistowski for ORP Chairman

    Kent – Tom Zawistowski, Candidate for Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, announced today that he had received the endorsement of over 150 Conservative Leaders from over 100 Groups across Ohio. In an open letter titled “A Message to the Ohio GOP from Ohio Conservative Group Leaders”, the leaders expressed their disapointment in the actions of the Republican candidates they helped to elect and their frustrations with the Ohio Republican Party in general. The leaders also expressed their belief that they and their members feel that they have no choice but to start a third party because they have lost confidence in the Ohio Republican Party and it’s candidates to represent their views. They told the ORP leadership that they would only trust Tom Zawistowski as Chairman to make the necessary changes that would keep them active in the Ohio Republican Party going forward.

    Zawistowski responded to the endorsement by saying “I thank these leaders for their support and for being willing to give me a chance to make the necessary changes. It’s very clear by their letter, and the letter yesterday from social conservatives, that our Ohio Republican Party needs a respected, experienced leader to fix these problems and renew the confidence of our base. Both letters state unequivocally that I am the person that the base trusts to do the job as the next Chairman of the Party.”

    Zawistowski continued by saying, “One of the main reasons I am running for Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party is to restore confidence in party leadership so that we can address the systemic issues that plague our party. I can honestly say that I have never seen the anger and feelings of betrayal running as high as they are right now among Republicans of all persuasions and their concerns must be addressed. These loyal supporters of the Republican cause are crying out to the Party demanding change. I hear their cry’s of frustration and disapointment and I am making sure that our ORP Leadership, and State Central Committee members and County Chairmen hear it and understand it as well. Changes must be made, starting with the vote for Chairman on April 26th, and if they are not made, the ORP will be severely damaged by the inevitable fracturing of the party base.”

    The following is the letter sent by Conservative leaders to the State Central Central Committee and County Chairmen today:

    A Message to the Ohio GOP from Ohio Conservative Group Leaders:

    As our friends, the social conservatives, said yesterday, April 26th will be judgment day for not only the Ohio GOP, but could impact the future of the Republican party as a whole. “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.” The nation will be watching the results of your vote. You’ll decide to recognize and embrace Ohio’s conservative movement by electing Tom Zawistowski, the only chairman who has the ability to embrace and unify the grass roots movement with the moderate Republicans and the social conservatives. OR, you will decide to conduct “business as usual”, vote for the “next in line” Chairman, and turn your backs on the very conservative members who’ve been doing the ground work for the Ohio GOP for the last several years.

    There are over 200 (that we know of) like-minded conservative groups in Ohio, and we have no relation to the GOP other than most of us belong to the Republican party. These groups have been the workhorses for the GOP, in local, state and national elections, and many have worked with your county chairmen and at your victory centers.

    We stuck with mediocre candidates like Romney. We supported Governor Kasich in his run against Governor Strickland. We were out beating the bushes to garner support for SB5 when it seemed the rest of the Ohio GOP were very busy holding meetings planning their Christmas chicken dinners. We have been the lifeline and communications link for the GOP, but this may be about to end.

    For the past four years we, the leaders and members of these conservative groups, have been fighting back the voices within our groups that say, “To heck with the GOP, we’re going to go third party.” No leader has done more to prevent that from happening than Tom Zawistowski, and he has often taken a lot of heat for doing so. We know that third parties tend to split votes, particularly when there are two conservatives on the ballot. We were able to get our members to buy into that in the past because it was our best option.

    Ladies and Gentleman, the problem of splitting the vote between two conservative candidates is fading away. Republicans who claim to be conservative, yet vote in favor of expanding the largest Federal Government program in history, are against Workplace Freedom, support immigration amnesty, support gun control, support abortion, support gay marriage, support national debt, support federal takeover of education, transportation, it goes on, and on and on. Every one of these Republicans claims to be conservative, yet by their positions, simply don’t support this. The line between the Republican and the Democrat is no longer blurry; heck, there is no line.

    Quotes from Republican representatives at town hall meetings state, “We need the money, so we’ll accept Medicaid, we’ll accept Agenda 21 dollars, we’ll accept Common Core dollars, we’ll accept Obamacare money.”

    For years, conservative groups have been waging a ground war in Ohio to stop these liberal policies and legislation from taking hold, but more and more, we’re spending our resources fighting our biggest battles with the Ohio Republican Party.

    Unfortunately, we’re afraid this is about to come to an end, as we’re at the turning point in our relationship with the Ohio GOP.

    Please, we want to avoid this, but we can no longer hold back the call for a major split of conservatives away from the Republican party. The religious right has already done so in regard to gay marriage.

    HOWEVER, we see one glimmer of hope that we can indeed continue support for the Ohio GOP, but you must want to do it, you must be willing to say, “I’ve had enough, and I’m willing to stand on principles.”

    If the Ohio GOP wishes to head off this split, it must have a Chairman who’s earned the trust and respect of conservatives. More importantly, this Chairman must be able to pull in and unify everybody. For so long we’ve been deceived and misled; we will not accept a leader that has not earned our trust or our respect.
    There are very few names that come to our minds, but rest assured, Mr. Tom Zawistowski’s name is #1 on that list.

    As President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition, Tom exhibited these leadership skills. Keep in mind, we are not a top down “The guy at the top gives the orders” organization. Every one of the 200+ groups in the state of Ohio is totally separate, has their own leadership, their own agenda, they run their own show, etc. We stay out of each other’s business, yet we seem to unify on common causes. Tom Z showed the ability to pull us together when others could not, he made sure we were aware of the facts, and he offered guidance in our individual quest for conservative governance. We guarantee, when Tom Z speaks and offers his guidance, we listen.

    As chairman of the Ohio GOP, Tom would carry an extraordinary amount of weight with the conservative community. We trust him implicitly. He will not deceive us; he will not BS us; he’ll lay down the hard facts, even when it hurts. No one in the Ohio Republican Leadership has earned that trust or respect, and we simply have no desire to work with them.

    The future of Ohio’s GOP is up to you. If you think the GOP will survive without the support of conservatives like us, then vote “business as usual.” We’ll wish you a nice day and move on. We have other options.

    However, if you want to re-invigorate the Ohio GOP and return it to conservative values and philosophy, we’re on board 100% if you vote for Mr. Tom Zawistowski as the new Ohio GOP Chairman.

    We sincerely hope you’ll choose to partner with us and bring conservative values back to the party.

    SIGNED (Member affiliations with groups are only there to assist with identification and may not represent the group)

    John McAvoy
    NW Ohio Conservative Coalition
    Toledo Tea Party

    Don and Sandy Erlenbach
    Organizing for Freedom, Licking County

    Tom Dubowski
    Republican Party Ward Leader, North Olmsted

    Judith Ehret
    NWOCC, Lucas County

    Craig Curtis
    VP Wayne County Tea Party

    Cheryl Garlow
    Perrysburg Patriots

    Joe Daly
    Anderson Township Tea Party
    Hamilton County Republican Central Committee

    Sid King
    President, North Olmsted Republican Club

    David Tabaka
    Secretary, Wayne County Tea Party
    Member, Wayne County Republican Executive Committee

    James W. Eilert, Jr.
    Treasurer & Past President, Wayne County TEA Party

    Judy Guju
    Co-Leader Anderson Tea Party
    Republican Hamilton County Central Committee Member

    Susan L. Hardenbergh
    Hamilton County Republican Central Committee
    Anderson Tea Party Co-Leader

    Carol Greenberg
    Conservative Blogger, NWOCC

    Nancy Channell
    “We the People Convention” Vendor Chairman

    Anne Kaczmarek
    Secretary, Portage County TEA Party

    Ms. Sue Larimer, M. Ed.
    Board Member of NWO Conservative Coalition
    Coalition of Freedom
    We By For Wood County

    David Zupan
    Co-Organizer, Citizens for Fair Taxation
    Avon Lake, Lorain County

    Stephen (Andy) Katona
    Vice President, Morrow County Tea Party
    Member, Columbus/Central Ohio 9-12 Project

    Linda Bishop
    Findlay 912 member
    Marion North Precinct Committee Person
    Hancock County Ladies GOP member

    Nancy Maxwell
    Elected Member of Greene County Republican Central Committee

    Marsha Rexroth
    Sec./Treasurer, N.Central OH Conservatives, Inc., Seneca Co.
    Secretary and Board Member, Ohio Liberty Coalition

    Carol Bicking
    Gahanna Freedom Alliance, Franklin County

    Duane A. Plessinger
    Director, Wayne County TEA Party, Inc.
    Member, Wayne County Republican Executive Committee

    The Members of the Miami County Liberty Group
    Miami County

    Daniel A. Steingraber, Owner,
    Steingraber and Associates

    Rachel Schaffner
    Miami Co. Central Committee (Springcreek Twp.)
    Miami County Liberty

    Heidi Huber
    Hamilton County Central Committee
    Anderson Tea Party

    Van Pratt
    President, Clinton County Tea Party

    James F Calvert
    Marietta, Ohio 9-12 Club

    Don Birdsall
    President, Dayton TEA Party

    Mary Lou Cook
    Co-Founder, Voices of Liberty, Marion County

    Gary Harper
    President, Wayne County TEA Party

    Deborah S. Jones
    Precinct Captain, Greene County GOP Central Committee

    Jo Ann Wiblin
    Vice Chair, Licking County Tea Party

    Sharon Ealey
    Cuyahoga Valley Republicans

    Kathleen Sallah
    Sallah Properties

    Leon J. Neisius
    Fairfield County Coordinator
    Healthcare Freedom Amendment
    Fairfield County Republican Executive Committee

    Sharon Butler
    The Findlay 9.12 Project, Hancock County

    Phillip D. Larsen
    Pataskala, Ohio

    Ed Delagrange
    Defiance County Patriots

    David Musolf
    Chaplin, Hardin County Common Sense Tea Party

    James E Burkholder
    Vice Chairman, Top of Ohio Patriots 9-12

    Michael E. Witte
    Lorain County Tea Party

    Tom Kuepper
    Vice President, Miami County Liberty Group

    John Mitchel
    Greene County Republican Central Committee, Precinct 19

    Amy Brighton
    Co-Coordinator, Medina Tea Party Patriots

    Jack Deem
    Board Member, Preble County Liberty Group

    Shari and Joe Mauriello
    Worthington Tea Party

    Brenda and Lanny Derreberry
    Portage County TEA Party

    Donald Grimes
    Individual Republican

    Patricia Eshleman
    Preble County Liberty Group Leadership Team member

    Jon Eells
    Marietta, OH 9-12 Project

    Janet Miller

    Larry Guglielmi
    Franklin County Republican Central Committee
    Worthington Ward #1

    Scott Rothey
    Hancock County, Ohio Liberty Coalition

    Skip Claypool
    President, Geauga County Tea Party

    H. R. Pence
    Communications Director
    Shelby County Liberty

    James Tesno
    VP, Trustee, Mercer County Liberty Group

    Jeff Malek
    Founder, Wadsworth 9.12 Group

    Douglas Hoying
    Shelby County
    Small business owner, patriot, conservative

    Dave Horton
    Co-Organizer, Stark-Tuscarawas 912

    Sharon Blocher
    Stark-Tuscarawas 912 Leader

    Eugene Webb
    Shelby County Liberty Group

    Bill Serra
    Constitution Teacher
    Past Board member, Miami County Liberty

    Elaine Staton
    Shelby County Liberty Group Member

    Sue King
    Westerville Tea Party

    James Myers
    Shelby County

    Annette Dugan
    Women of Liberty

    Fred Bomer
    Sidney Shelby County Liberty Group

    William R. Fry Jr.
    Board Member, Warren County Tea Party
    Ohio State Leader, GOOOH

    Kim Tope
    Shelby County Liberty Group

    Dana Adams
    President, Akron Tea Party

    Nadine Bryan
    Shelby County Liberty

    Charles and Joy Kantner
    Auglaize County Patriots

    Robert Cooper
    Mark Bennett
    Bob Silliman
    Lowell Wonderly
    Leadership Team, Paulding County 9-12 Patriots

    Linda Watts
    Ohio Citizen

    Brenda Lazier
    Shelby County Liberty Group

    Scott Nichols
    ORP State Central Committee 14

    David J. Durbin
    Ohio Citizen

    Fred and Judy Zwiebel
    Shelby County Liberty Group

    Meta Hahn
    Westerville Tea Party

    Terry Pellman
    Shelby County Liberty Group

    Cheryl Blakely
    Co-Organizer,The Findlay 9.12 Project, Hancock County
    Northwest Region Board Member
    The Ohio Liberty Coalition

    Jeff Gillman
    Shelby County Liberty Group

    Brandon Taylor
    Webmaster, North Olmsted Republican Club

    Laura Bunner
    Member, SCL

    Kelly Kohls
    Chairman, Warren County Tea Party
    President, Ohio School Board Leadership Council

    Marvin Hickman,
    Shelby County Liberty

    Ginny Livermore & Bob Livermore
    Shelby Liberty Group

    Diane Milanese
    Shelby County Liberty

    Steve Wildow
    Shelby County Liberty Group

    Michael J. Petruziello
    Geauga Executive Committee Member
    Republican Party Member
    Geauga County Tea Party Executive

    Deb Cain
    Shelby County Liberty Group

    Nanette Zawistowski
    Portage County TEA Party

    Greig McDonald
    Zanesville Patriots

    Wilbur Rank
    2nd Vice President, Shelby Co. Liberty Group

    Ronald J. Tanski

    Ronald Coleman
    Member, Shelby County S C L

    Hayley Lauterbur
    Member, Shelby County Liberty
    The Cincinnati East Tea Party/Hamilton County

    Bruce Fogt
    Member, Shelby County Liberty group

    Joe E. Davis
    Finance Director, Shelby County Liberty

    Mrs. Donald Poppe
    Member of the Shelby County Liberty Group

    Douglas Pence
    President, Shelby County Liberty

    Lola Billiel
    Ohio Citizen

    Marsha Frost
    Abigail Adams project

    David Frost
    Wadsworth 912

    Virginia Mack
    Chairman, Putnam County Ohio Patriots

    Terry Barker
    Member, Shelby County Liberty Group

    Chuck Laughlin
    Co-Founder, Lake County TEA Party

    Dr. Ed and Dorothy Kurz
    Portage County TEA Party

    SFC Larry Carver

    Kirsten Hill
    Chairman, Lorain County TEA Party

    Mike Snead
    2013 President, Beavercreek Liberty Group (BLG)

    Rick Boss
    Delaware Liberty Group

    Dick Stein
    If You Believe, Co-Chair,
    David Kern
    Chairman Butler County GOP

    Katy Kern
    Our Turning Point

    Deborah Jan Williams
    Highland County Tea Party
    Executive Committee

    Mike Gemperline
    Treasurer, Friends of Liberty Township
    Member, Delaware Liberty Group

    Barb Cole
    President, Highland County Tea Party

    Christine Goran
    Organizer, Lorain County 912 Tea Party

    Judy O’Hare
    Co-Leader, Marion Voices of Liberty

    Richard Herron
    Member, Clermont County Central Committee
    Tate Township C

    Nelson Hack
    Founder and Coordinator, Morrow County Tea Party

    Anne Ritchie
    Delaware County
    Team Leader, Delaware Liberty Group

    Tom Ritchie
    Delaware County
    Concerned, conservative, small business owner, who votes Republican

    Tim Ruffing
    Franklin county
    Delaware Liberty Group

    Sharon Poe
    Secretary, Warren County Tea Party

    Thomas M. Reynolds
    Past Chairman, Top of Ohio Patriots
    Logan County, Ohio

    Mike Tarullo
    Co-Leader, The Delaware Liberty Group

    Peg Hunt
    Secretary, Geauga County Tea Party
    Geauga County

    Rick Burkholder
    C. Sue Burkholder
    Katja Tarullo
    Co-Leader, The Delaware County Liberty Group

    Jill S. Russell
    Athens 9/12, Athens County

    Barbara Orange
    President, Fallen Timbers Republican Club
    Lucas County

    Rebecca Pratt
    Member, Glendale Tea Party (Glendale, Ohio)
    Hamilton County

    David M. Aikin
    Shelby County Liberty

    Sanna J. Hill-Aikin
    Shelby County Liberty

    Zanthia E. Hill
    Shelby County Liberty

    Alana R. Hill
    Shelby County Liberty

    Bogomir Kuhar

    Jack Boyle
    Ohio Prosperity Initiative

    Joseph Geuy
    1st Vice President, Shelby County Liberty

    Connie Thompson
    Athens OH 9-12

    Anna Rehl
    Licking County Conservative

    George & Nancy Brunemann, Leaders
    SouthWest Cincinnati Tea Party

    Barry Momyer
    Chairman, Eastern Ohio Concerned Citizens

    Jim Hellyer
    Chairman,Licking County Tea Party

    Joyce Blake
    Treasurer, UA 9.12 Group

    Charis Peterson
    Advisory Board, West Chester Tea Party

    Glenn Newman
    Founder, Marietta 9-12 Project

    Larry Heller, Leader
    Miami Township Tea Party
    Clermont County Tea Party

    William Lenhart
    Gahanna/New Albany 9-12 Group

    Roy A. Wagner
    Hilliard TEA Party
    Hilliard-Galloway 912 Project
    Westerville TEA Party/912 Project
    Gahanna-New Albany 9-12
    Dublin Republican Club
    Ohio Liberty Coalition

    Stephen L Sabolich and Cynthea Sabolich
    Cofounders, Westshore Tea Party

    George & Darla Lee
    Auglaize Co. Patriots
    Steering committee

    Jo Ann Wiblin
    Vice Chair, Licking County Tea Party

    Andrew Pappas
    Anderson Tea Party Co-Leader
    CINCY Tea Party Board

    Kathy Freudenberger
    Leadership. Bethel-Tate Tea Party, Clermont County
    Secretary, Clermont County Republican Party

    Jim Green
    President, North Central Ohio Conservatives, Inc.

    James Horton
    Chairman, Northwest Ohio Freedom Alliance
    Williams, Fulton, Defiance and Henry Counties

    Ann Becker
    President, Cincinnati Tea Party
    President, West Chester Tea Party

    @LadyImpactOhio on twitter

  7. There is a lot more going on in Michigan. We have a tea party candidate as our committeeman to the National Republican party over throwing Saul Anuzis who wanted the National Popular Vote among other things. We almost unseated the establishment Party Chairman with a tea party candidate. It was within 50 votes difference.

    We have a Republican Governor who wants to raise taxes on our gas and add or raise more fees to cover his ever growing government even though we’re told it’s for our roads. He wants to bring in an ObamaCare exchange, Use more and more “green” energy, expand Medicaid, grow the Michigan Economic Development Corporation who picks the winners and losers like the failed car battery industry, the movie industry and windmills with our tax dollars, report our children’s BMI’s, bring in Common Core, and build a bridge to Canada we don’t need to put out of business the one we have owned by a private individual. He went so far as to veto a transparency bill that would have shed light on the agreements he’s made with foreign countries including Canada for this bridge.

    So far we’ve stopped or stalled all of them by bringing pressure on our Republican Legislators. We have majorities in both Houses.

    Oh and we just won Right to Work which he didn’t want to take on but did finally sign so it would pass!

    There is more that I cannot think of right now. This has all been grassroots led. We’re not done yet.

  8. The 2012 RNC SHAM in Tampa made me feel ashamed to be a American.

    Unless we libertarians takeover the RP, IT’S TIME FOR A THIRD PARTY !

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