Republican Civil War: Establishment Desperate as GOP Civil War turns in favor of the Grassroots

davnces and Battles of the GOP Civil War - December 2012 to February 2013

Advances and Battles of the GOP Civil War – December 2012 to February 2013

(The Subsidiarity Times) The GOP Civil War has begun to unravel the Republican Party as many strategists now begin to fear that the party will soon split in two. The war, which officially began with the purge of the four fiscally responsible U.S. representatives from their committees by Speaker of the House John Boehner in late 2012, has grown and expanded as the first two months of the year 2013 have progressed. Across the nation, members of the three major grassroots groups (Ron Paul’s Liberty Movement, the grassroots-oriented Tea Party and the religiously-oriented Social Conservatives) have made determined efforts to reject pushes by Establishment Republicans and RINOs (Republicans-in-name-only) to regain control of the local Republican Parties, which they have slowly been losing control of since 2010. The war is only beginning to heat up and looks to become more nasty as the year 2013 continues. What shall be presented now is a summary of the civil war since December.

Washington D.C.: Speaker of the House John Boehner officially inaugurated the GOP Civil War with his purge of Liberty Movement Republican representatives Justin Amash of Michigan and Walter B. Jones of North Carolina and Tea Party Republican representatives Tim Huelskamp of Kansas and David Schweikert of Arizona from key positions on House Budget and Finance Committees. By this action, Boehner made it clear that the uneasy alliance that had existed for the 2012 elections between grassroots Republicans and Establishment Republicans against President Obama and his Democratic allies was now over and that the Establishment was now determined to carry out on the threat they had made at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, namely that those who did not play by the rules of the Establishment Republicans and RINOs would receive no place in the Republican Party of the 21st Century. The backlash resulted in talk of a revolt against John Boehner which would cost him the House Speaker position, but due to the lateness of the effort and the unwillingness of proposed candidates Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to actually mount a campaign for Speaker, the offensive fell woefully short and Boehner defeated a host of undeclared candidates as well as Nancy Pelosi for a second term as Speaker of the House, leaving the Establishment on top in the first campaign of the GOP Civil War.
Battle Result: Establishment Victory
Washington State: Liberty Movement Republicans sought to take control of the King County GOP in December 2012, but were unable to show sufficient strength to do so. However, the Establishment can not claim total victory here because of the use of unethical tricks to deny the ability to participate in the party organization meeting to several Liberty Movement members who were new to the party. These tricks and arguments will be unusable in 2014 and the Liberty Movement in King County is already planning another run at taking over the King County GOP next year with the added advantage of their increased numbers.
Battle Result: Draw
Florida: Liberty Movement Republicans swept into several positions in the Republican Party of Miami-Dade County and seem to have taken plurality control of it. They failed to win the chairmanship, but they won the vice-chairmanship and treasurer positions and effectively secured a plurality of the district committee seats, making the Miami-Dade County Republican Party a bastion of the Liberty Movement in Senator Marco Rubio’s literal backyard. 
Battle Result
Grassroots Victory
Michigan: The state which in 2010 gave the Liberty Movement its biggest new star in the House of Representatives in Justin Amash of Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, saw the Liberty Movement sweep into control of Michigan’s Muskegon County Republican Party. They won the chairmanship, vice-chairmanship, secretary and treasurer positions as well as a majority on the county party’s executive committee. It was a sweeping success for the Liberty Movement in a state which appears to be more receptive to Liberty Movement Republicans than Establishment Republicans. 
Battle Result
Grassroots Victory
Arizona: This state saw the Establishment use unethical tactics and dirty tricks to shut out Liberty Movement and Tea Party delegates in the 2012 presidential primaries, but now Liberty Movement members have streamed out of the grassroots like members of a guerrilla army and swept into control of the executive committees of the local Republican parties in the counties of Mohave, Yavapai and many others. It might not be an understatement to say this has been the biggest turnaround in the GOP Civil War to date. 
Battle Result
Grassroots Victory
Iowa: Ron Paul’s first big victory in the 2012 presidential primaries saw members of the Liberty Movement such as A.J. Spiker take control of the Iowa Republican Party. They handily won re-election to their positions heading the state party and appear to be firmly entrenched in the state which currently holds the title of being first in the nation in presidential primary voting. 
Battle Result
Grassroots Victory
Oklahoma:  Liberty Movement activists were shut out of the Oklahoma Republican Convention in the 2012 presidential primaries, but like in Arizona, they have been given the call to come out of the grassroots like a guerrilla army and flood the races for the party offices in the Oklahoma Republican Party which will take place from February to April. So far information on the battle there is sketchy, but if they come out in the same numbers that they did in Arizona and ally with frustrated Tea Party activists, they could complete the second big turnaround of the GOP Civil War. 
Battle Result
RNC Chairmanship: In one of the more unexpected advances from the Liberty Movement, RNC committee member Mark Willis of Maine launched a campaign to challenge incumbent Reince Priebus for the national chairmanship of the Republican Party. Due to a smear campaign from the Establishment and possibly a late start, Willis failed to even get his name put in nomination at the RNC’s annual meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina and thus Priebus handily won re-election. However, the victory was a Pyrrhic one for the Establishment as it forced Priebus and his allies in the Establishment Republicans to re-focus time and resources away from the grassroots fights in places like Florida, Michigan and Arizona and (at least temporarily) abandon plans for purging and re-organizing the Nevada and Iowa Republican parties in order to shore up support for Priebus’ re-election. Priebus was even forced to resort to courting Ron Paul supporters in order to ensure his re-election which, no doubt, had to be humiliating after the way Priebus allowed the Ron Paul supporters to be treated at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa. Finally, in an effort to keep the Republican Party from splitting apart, Priebus was forced to extend an olive branch to the Liberty Movement through a conversation with a member of the Texas Republican Liberty Caucus even after he was re-elected, which was icing on the cake for the Liberty Movement’s surprise offensive. Though unsuccessful in its ultimate goal of replacing Priebus, Willis’ campaign did more to advance the cause of the grassroots and the Liberty Movement then he possibly could have expected when he undertook it upon himself to challenge Priebus. 
Battle Result
Establishment Victory
Alaska A brewing nasty fight inside the Alaska Republican Party, stemming from the scandal-plagued 2010 United States Senate race, finally erupted into open warfare in the 2012 Republican presidential primaries. Liberty Movement members allied with Alaska Tea Party leader and 2010 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Joe Miller to take the Alaska Republican Party leadership positions away from the Establishment during the 2012 presidential primaries. However, the outgoing Establishment leaders came back with vague, frivolous or set-up charges against the chairman-elect Russ Millette and vice chair-elect Debra Brown; both Liberty Movement members. Millette, after putting up a good fight, was successfully ousted in a well-orchestrated coup on January 31st, but the Establishment failed to oust Brown and prevent her from ascending to the chairmanship to replace Millette. This is likely not the end of the ongoing efforts to regain control of the Alaska Republican Party by the Establishment however, especially with a Democratic senator up for re-election in 2014 in a state with an Alaska Democratic Party dying and falling into disarray
Battle Result
Minnesota:  The Liberty Movement, working closely with the Tea Party, has made amazing strides in Minnesota since the Liberty Movement was officially founded in 2008 at the Rally for the Republic following the Republican National Convention in the capitol city of St. Paul. The Tea Party handily won the Republican gubernatorial nomination for Tom Emmer in 2010, the Liberty Movement secured Ron Paul a second place popular vote finish and a majority of the Minnesota Republican national delegates in the 2012 Republican presidential primaries and the Liberty Movement and Tea Party united to win the 2012 Republican U.S. Senate nomination for state representative Kurt Bills. These nomination victories have not yet resulted in very many electoral victories as of yet for these candidates as Minnesota is a heavily-unionized Democrat-leaning state. The Establishment Republicans and RINOS have taken advantage of this and the fact that Minnesota has a three party system in the state (the third party being the Independence Party of Minnesota). In 2010 and 2012, the Establishment helped contribute to defeats of Tea Party and Liberty Movement candidates in general elections by either abandoning them to their own devices (as in the case of Bills) or by endorsing the candidates of the Independence Party (as in the case of Emmer). Using these electoral defeats to try and make their argument that the Liberty Movement and Tea Party cannot hope to win in Minnesota, the Establishment is now seeking a new offensive to acquire and cement control of the leadership positions in the Minnesota Republican Party. The Liberty Movement and Tea Party, which share a closer relationship in Minnesota then is usually found in the rest of the nation, have put forward their own candidates for the state party leadership positions, thus seeking to solidify the power they have already gained in the Minnesota Republican Party before looking forward to the gubernatorial and senate races in 2014. This fight appears to be turning very intense as whichever faction wins may determine the direction of the Minnesota Republican Party for years to come. If the Establishment fails here after being presented with such a great opportunity following the losses by Emmer and Bills, they may never regain the initiative and may be forced to abandon the Minnesota Republican Party altogether. This means the fight here will likely be a long, protracted and very nasty one. 
Battle Result
Virginia: Liberty Movement Republicans, Tea Party Republicans and Social Conservative Republicans formed an alliance to back Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in his bid for the Republican endorsement for Governor of Virginia and have effectively won the nomination for him. However, this does mean the end of the fight in this state. As he admitted that he had been defeated by a coalition of Liberty Movement, Tea Party and Social Conservative members, incumbent Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling held out the possibility that he will launch an independent campaign for Virginia Governor. As the mainstream media and Establishment Republicans have continued to attack Cuccinelli, Bolling’s hints at such a possibility have grown stronger to the point that it seems an announcement of an independent campaign for Governor from Bolling might take place as soon as mid-March. Powerful forces led by Liberty Movement/Tea Party leaders like Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) have already thrown their weight into the fight to support Cuccinelli, while Bolling, if he runs, might seek allies in the Establishment such as former Bush adviser and Establishment party boss Karl Rove. If this happens, then the sheer weight of the forces being thrown into this race will likely make it the biggest Grassroots vs Establishment face-off to date and lead to the beginning of the official split in the Republican Party. Needless to say, all eyes, Grassroots and Establishment, will be on this race as it unfolds over the course of the year heading into November. 
Battle Result
New York:  Social Conservatives were dealt a great shock with the announcement of a massive pro-death agenda being pushed by Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in the state legislature. They have mobilized their grassroots forces in one of the strongest Establishment states in the country to put massive pressure on Establishment Republicans and independent Democrats in the state legislature to vote against Cuomo’s legislation, and it appears to be working. If the Social Conservatives achieve this victory over Cuomo, one of the best-known Democrats in the nation, it could start a crack in the Establishment’s hold on New York and open the door for social conservatives, Tea Partiers and Liberty Movement members to finally start making advances against the Establishment Republicans in the Empire State, which would make the GOP Civil War take an even more interesting turn. 
Battle Result
2013/2014 National Races: The Establishment did not take very long to start putting plans forward for 2014. Continuing to try and portray the image that social conservatives, Tea Partiers and Liberty Movement members cannot hope to win general elections, Establishment party boss Karl Rove, together with certain other Establishment leaders, founded the poorly-named “Conservative Victory Project” PAC (political action committee) with the announced purpose of defeating grassroots challengers to Establishment candidates and the speculated purpose of supporting Establishment challengers to Tea Party, Liberty Movement and Social Conservative incumbents. With this announcement declaring an electoral war against these grassroots groups, the group Tea Party Patriots countered by founding the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Super-PAC (super political actiona committee) to combat Rove and his PAC. This Super-PAC has allies in groups such as the Club for Growth, which is already seeking to back grassroots challengers to Establishment incumbents such as Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and will likely be able to gather more allies to present a united opposition to Rove and his forces. However what makes this even more interesting is the announced purpose of the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund to even fund third party candidates if they feel a need to and the possibility that Rove’s PAC could do the same in places like Virginia where he could potentially back Establishment Republican and incumbent Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling in a possible independent bid for the Virginia Governorship. If this happens, then the fracturing of the Republican Party could start taking place at spectacular breakneck speed as Establishment and Grassroots go separate ways. 
Battle Result
National Spotlight: For the first time in memory, there were two contrasting responses to the State of the Union address given by the President of the United States. The official Republican Party response was given by former-Tea-Party-member-turned-Establishment-insider Senator Marco Rubio of Florida while the Tea Party had their own independent response given by Liberty Movement/Tea Party Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. This event presented the stark divide between the Republican Party hierarchy and the Grassroots out in the open for the whole nation to see and made it clear that the breach between the two sides is slowly becoming irreparable. It also presented the difference between the two as the Establishment Republican response was full of vague references, old talking points and slogans while the Tea Party response contained specific proposals and actions which could be taken. It inauguarated a battle in the national spotlight between Establishment Republican spokesmen and Grassroots Republican spokesmen which will likely continue until the Republican Party officially fractures or the 2016 presidential primaries begin, whichever comes first. However, in the first battle in the national spotlight between the two groups, Paul clearly had the upper hand over Rubio with his specific proposals which gained the Grassroots efforts favorable publicity as the GOP Civil War continues into March of 2013. 
Battle Result
Note: There is a report out of California that a Liberty Movement member has won election to a treasurer position in the California GOP, but there is little other news on the GOP Civil War fight taking place there. 
Battle Result

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32 thoughts on “Republican Civil War: Establishment Desperate as GOP Civil War turns in favor of the Grassroots

  1. The Anti-neo-cons in the party is why Obama won big.
    How can the establishment GOP ever win again with stuff like this going on in their party. The Neo-con party must change.
    Listen to a Ron Paul supporter gloat about voting for Obama and why.
    For pure unadulterated revenge against the Neo-Cons and other reasons.
    Alex Jones Caller Ron Paul Revenge Voters For Obama 11/09/2012

        • The Republican party should not move to the right or the left, it must move vertically upward toward the liberty movement platform if it wants to win in the future. Carl Rove is indeed trying to purge the neo-con party of the liberty movement influence. I say we re-double our efforts and continue to infiltrate and eviscerate the rinos who are literally dieing of old age, and register with the republican party in mass. The only mathematical way to win major high offices is to be a D or an R. Screw Carl Rove who thinks he manufactures reality.

    • If Romney had gotten additional votes from only as many people as actually went to the polls to vote for Ron Paul in the primary, in each of several contested states, he would have won the election.

      Romney lost this election precisely when he screwed Paul over at the convention. That’s when he lost my vote too. He proved he had no more respect for rule of law than Obama.

  2. I cannot believe you didn’t mention what happened in Maine, during the caucus and the state GOP convention, then at the RNC in Tampa, where 21 of 24 of Maine’s elected delegates were Ron Paul-Liberty supporters and the RNC unseated them and replaced them with Romney supporters. Then, our Maine Republican governor boycotted the RNC because of this. The Liberty movement is very strong in Maine and we demanded our RNC chair, Charlie Webster (establishment) to step down after his deplorable actions, and he was replaced by Mark Willis.

      • Yes, I agree! I was trying to point out, in my post, what happened in Maine because there are so many RP supporters and people who are part of the liberty movement, and although what the RNC and Romney campaign did to Maine was deplorable, our unseated delegates still went to Tampa and did not cave to the Romney RINO’s. Also, what our Governor did, standing by “we the people” of Maine instead of being led by the RNC/Romney campaign was historic! And, we got rid of dispicable Charlie. So much happened here, I just thought Maine should be pointed out in the article, that’s all.

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  4. Hello Professor Wall,

    Thank You for doing this assesment. I was looking for a holistic perspective on where things things are with grassroots efforts of liberty movement. It is good to know that the liberty movement is alive and kicking and Dr. Ron Pauls efforts are not in vain. I would like to share your article on my blog to bring awareness among my readers that Liberty movement is taking hold within GOP and where it stands, if I have your permission to do so.


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  6. You left out Indiana completely. The libertarians joined with the tea party groups to defeat Richard Lugar in the primaries. The Republican party now has a super majority in the Indiana Houses and we still can’t get in Freedom bills. So we are once again joined, fighting against party establishment, to protect our liberty. We recently sent a letter to the Rules and Legislative Committee demanding we get SB230 (Applicability of Federal Law) on the floor for debate and a vote. It was signed by 30 groups and 70 individuals. About a fourth of the groups are Ron Paulers.

    • I appreciate this information. I was not aware of the news you tell. Do you have news articles or web pages of any kind containing this information that I can link to? If so, please reference my contact page at the top of the site for my email address and email me the links and I will work them into the next article I do on the GOP Civil War’s progression.

  7. By 2006, the American people sent a strong message to the GOP by removing the Republicans from a position of control over Congress. In 2008, the American people sent the GOP another strong message by removing the Republicans from a position of control over the presidency while refusing to allow them to regain Congress. In 2010, the American people sent another message by refusing the GOP to regain the Senate. The GOP has clearly not gotten the message that we’ve repeatedly sent to them over the past 6 years.

  8. Here is a fact that can’t be denied. Just look at our country today.Norman Thomas, the former associate editor of the leftist magazine,The Nation and six time presidential candidate of the Socialist Party of America stated,”The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of ” liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened. ‘The difference democrats and republicans is:Democrats have accepted some ideas of socialism cheerfully,while Republicans have accepted them reluctantly.” Is there really that much difference between the two parties today? In 2009 Sam Webb, chief of Communist Party USA declared that after the Obama election the US was “on the road to socialism.” He said Obama was a friend of the CPUSA in a speech at the CPUSA National convention on Nov.15 2008,and posted on this speech on their website. Webb stated it is no exaggeration to call Obama’s voctory a “sea change. Webb referred to Novembers election as a “rout of the right-wing extremism,a reaffirmation of the decency of our country and people, a leap forward on freedom road and a people’s mandate to change. Weather it is the Cloward-Piven Strategy or Saul Alinsky’s book, RULES for RADICALS which Alinsky’s mentor Barack Obama uses as his play book to bring the change to America as he said he would the Republicans have one every little to stop him. Alinsky often, in RULES for RADICALS, spoke of change and how to bring it about. are we seeing the United States Socialist Republic of which Karl Marx dreamed? I believe we are. Will we have a new “progressive living’ constitution of which has been called for by Obama, Soros, Sunstein and Holder? If Obama appoints three new members to the Supreme Court during his new term, i believe we will. Then, will he have the 22nd amendment repealed so he can have a third term to finish his plans?

  9. The Republican Party is in a situation resembling that of the Democratic Party from 1968 to 1972. Many Republicans cannot understand why their party is losing support. They imagine that by moving further to the right they will regain support.

    If one feels something strongly it is easy to overestimate the number of people who feel the same way. It is easy to underestimate the difficulty of converting others to one’s persuasion.

    Since 1980 most Americans, and certainly most non whites, have learned that tax cuts for the rich to not balance the budget, and they do not lead to more jobs for the unemployed.

    Those in the Republican “grassroots” so called have still not learned this. Moreover, a hatred burns in them that frightens normal Americans.

  10. Add CO to the list. We just had our Denver County Committee meeting last Sat. and the Liberty movement (basically our CO chapter of Republican Liberty Caucus) was able to educate the attendees to vote down over half the bylaws (powergrab) changes which would be detrimental to any grassroots efforts. We got a significant number of the Bonus Members who will be able to try and vote out Chairman Ryan Call (our Reince Prebus) who is being challenged by a Liberty candidate (from Maine). The Old Guard Republican Establishment (OGREs) are totally freaking out. And we are on a campaign to befriend key OGREs and remind them that what they REALLY want is Liberty and bring them to the light side.

  11. Maybe Ron Paul should have listened to voices of reason and fled from the party to run as an independent.

    Do you wonder why he didn’t? He was commanded not to, and he fell into line like a good little partisan.

  12. You’re over exaggerating just a bit here… see, the conservatives in the GOP knew all along that a moderate establishment candidate could not win the election. Of course, we were proven right and Romney lost. He never had the fire in him to fight for the presidency and was too concerned with what the left-wing pundits might say about him. In Va, the voters know exactly who to blame for our ballot fiasco- Bill Bolling. We vowed to do everything we could to keep him off the ballot here and we were more successful than we could have ever imagined. In true turncoat form, his political views began to shift to the left after announcing he was a quitter. He even met with Terry “What a Party” MaCauliffe in Richmond last month. Virginians know what to expect from AG Cucinelli and we still support him over Bolling by HUGE margins so the only affect he would have should he announce an independent run would be to chip away at the vote totals on the left. Most don’t realize this, but Virginia doesn’t vote for liberal policies in statewide elections. Any dems who have become Governor also ran on a moderate platform…..TMaC doesn’t have that luxury!!

  13. This report brings hope for our Nation. If we fail in taking back our Federal Government from these who want to make one state of our 50 and end the Constitution completely, it will not matter which party does it. If we fail and end with a divided GOP, the result will be of not much change from the left winning. We will continue our path into this new order of Federal Control of everything.

    There is a great awakening sweeping the grassroots of both the left and right. The disenfranchised non voting electorate are hearing of the rise of Constitutional conservatives and will continue to come out of the grass strengthening this coalition of Federalists who demand we return our Federal government back to constitutional spending, ending 90% of the current spending. But it will take a transition period to which we cannot afford without the passage of FairTax, which takes the federal taxes out of the price of domestic goods and service.

    Being federal entitlements make up about 70% of the unconstitutional spending and we cannot simply end social security, we need to transition this portion to returning these entitlements back to the people/States with the recommendation of going to HSA/IRAs, privately owned, local investment an option and do so with the FairTax ending all payroll federal taxes and liberating our paychecks from federal taxation.

    .Social Conservative leadership, back in February 2012, declared the Constitutional Re-Founding to be the most important plank, awakening to what the Liberty movement has been preaching. Prior to this, many from both ranks joined with others awakening to form the Teaparty movement. Together we will hopefully come to full fruition before the establishment manages to send us into fiscal collapse and martial law, their intention from all that they support and demonstrate to be the fact.

    Stay united on the Federal front and defeat this evil coming from DC, the shadow power over both parties. Win or lose, there is no other path to take at this present time. God willing, bring back to the local level, moral and property controls.

  14. Good article, although I would have liked to see more in depth information about the big yellow Liberty-loving state on the bottom left.

    I am facing an establishment challenger for my Chairman position of the Clark County (Las Vegas) Republican Party in July and six other officer positions on the Eboard as well. Need reinforcements!

    • I did not have anything on Nevada because I did not find any information about it. If you want me to include news about the fight in Nevada in my next article, please send me information about it so I can include it and get the word out! Reference the contact page at the top to send me the information. Thanks and keep up the good fight!

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  16. See Ronald Libby’s new book, “Purging the Republican Party: Tea Party Campaigns and Elections” published by Lexington Book and scheduled for release on November 16, 2013. It is the first book that explains the Tea Party’s strategy of “primarying” RINOs in Republican primaries.

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